Since last few decades, information technology has progressed by leaps and bounds and today one can safely say that there is no human activity without the help of the computers and the various programmes, versions and systems.

A large corporate house, a business conglomerate, a trading house, a chemist shop or a restaurant at the nook has recognized the need of this growing technology that they have thought it prudent to adapt to the changing needs.Being alive to this fast developing technology, The Chembur Gymkhana took major initiatives to bring about an era of e-governance at all levels since last few years.Such a step would not only bring about paperless administration but also protect the environment and prevent axing of trees, the main ingredient for production of paper. At the same time, it also felt all over the world to adapt to the changing pattern and initiate and modulate to this growing need in its administrative set up which is popularly known as e-governance.




One of the fastest and preferred tools of communication anyone can reach the far corners of the world at the click of a mouse, this has made the world shrink and you are closer to your kith and kin, friends and business associates than any time before.

The Communication system throughout the world has made rapid transformation so much so that what is vogue today is obsolete the following day and to say that we are in an age of electronic leap will be an understatement. Considering the advantages and the speed of communication, the Gymkhana Management launched its Website a couple of years ago and down the years it has been updating its data and stay tuned to the prevalent needs. No doubt, Fellowship is the breeding ground for cordial and healthy relations between members and I believe that there cannot be a better tool than the Gymkhana’s Website through which all the members could be in touch with each other and exchange information, ideas and other essentials at every level interspersing with entire spectrum of activities and administration besides personal data.

The success of the website will largely depend on the members of the Gymkhana and how best it is used.

I am highly optimistic that the website will be put to maximum use by the members in obtaining all the information they need.